[Homeroast] distilled water

j3r j at j3r.org
Wed May 16 15:31:33 CDT 2012

On 12-05-16 04:13 PM, sci wrote:
> Do some cupping tests with distilled, tap, spring and filtered water. I
> think you'll find the spring and filtered give the best results for coffee
> and tea. The reason is because they have good mineral content that makes
> water taste good. Tap of course usually has chlorine. Distilled, lacking
> vital minerals, is flat and dull tasting.
> Ivan

I suppose it all comes down to taste. I don't want water to taste like 
anything but water personally (ie have no taste). The trace minerals 
found can change the taste, but they are not adding anything to my 
health, nor my taste. If I want my water to taste different I will drink 
a beer or a fruit juice :)

I will do a blind cupping, it is certainly important to get the best 
liquid medium for your personal taste. I do find it strange that SCAA 
cupping relies on water that is not truly neutral tasting - this seems 
that it could introduce a variation in taste from geographic region to 
region. The tap water here tastes very different from water a hundred 
kilometers away, even after charcoal filtering.

Even if it does seem to produce less "tasty" coffee for some (I suppose 
due to the fact that many find distilled water to be "flat tasting"), it 
should still give a truer idea of the taste of the coffee instead of the 
water. In my understanding we are not trying to evaluate the water being 
used, it is simply a delivery vector for the oils and particulates in 
the coffee.

I use glass for my brewing so I don't see a problem with it picking up 
metallic tastes and so forth.

Thanks for the ideas and thoughts all!


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