[Homeroast] Vac-Pot Temp

Seth Grandeau grandeau at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 12:54:06 CDT 2012

For me, the big advantage of the glass rod is cleanup.  I'd love to say
it's that I taste a "cleaner cup" knowing that my coffee has never touched
anything other than glass, but it wouldn't be true.  I brewed with the
cloth when I first got the vac pot and I personally (YMMV) did not notice a
difference, when I switched to the cory rod.  I did notice that my cleanup
went to almost nothing, as the glass rod is very easy to clean up, compared
to reusing the cloth filter.

Regarding the sediment issue, I agree that it is much less than a french
press.  I always move the brewed coffee to a thermal carafe, after
brewing.  Give the coffee a few seconds to settle, then pour into the
carafe.  When I see the tiny trail of sediment making a run for the
thermal, I stop pouring.  What ever little bit may make it into my thermal
carafe settles out and never seems to get into the cup.  In fact, I usually
get a "cleaner" cup than my drip coffee maker with gold filter does, as a
some always seems to run over the top and into the carafe.

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