[Homeroast] Vac-pot temps

John M. Howison johnmhowison at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 18:17:36 CDT 2012

Is anybody on the list truly able to measure water temp with any
accuracy?  I'd need convincing.  I own three thermometers with
immersible tips, and currently alternate two electric kettles that
report alleged water temps.  Two of these five measuring devices have
occasionally given temps within one degree Fahrenheit of identical,
but I have had variations up to about 15 degrees.  The most expensive
of my immersibles gives readings differing more than five degrees when
the tip is lowered one inch or so into the hot water and then plunged
an additional two inches or so.  One hypothesis is that any "precise"
report of water temp, spread evenly over my lawn, should make the
grass grow greener.

My working hypothesis, for starting French press, Aeropress, or
vac-pot, is that virtue probably lies somewhere between 175 degrees,
which Aeropress claims its tests show best, and Tom's recommended max
of 205 degrees.  I am confident that water rises in my vac-pot at a
temp somewhere in this range.   If my favorite kettle reports 180
degrees, the water makes great coffee in all three brewing methods.

This leave unsettled Tom's view that the Aeropress product cannot
legitimately be called "espresso."  My question here is, at what PSI
does steam or water forced through coffee grounds qualify the product
as "espresso?"  Does anyone on the list have in his/her/their kitchen
a handy device for measuring such pressure?

On a given morning, whim and whether I have company influence my
choice of brewing method.  Whatever, I have lately started beautiful
mornings using water that one of my kettles reports to be at 180
Contra muros, mater rubicolla.

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