[Homeroast] Vac-Pot Temp

j3r j at j3r.org
Thu Mar 22 15:35:52 CDT 2012

On 12-03-22 03:57 PM, Larry Dorman wrote:
> As a new yama owner who has brewed only once, what is the advantage of
> a cory rod?  A response here or a link to the answer are both good
> choices.  :)  Thanks!
> LarryD

The coffee never touches anything but glass and water. The traditional 
cloth filters do have residual oils in them after cleaning, whether that 
matters or not to you is personal choice (and sensitivity of your taste 
buds perhaps).

I picked up a metal screen for the vac pot but have not tried it yet. I 
figure this may be the best tradeoff between good filtering and good taste.


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