[Homeroast] Help.

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 10:00:14 CDT 2012

OMG - that's all I can say... ONE cup of ground coffee for 30 cups of
coffee?? She'd probably fly off like a rocket if she tasted mine, hahahaha.
(picturing a cartoon character flying off to the moon..)

But maybe she prefers that because all she's ever tasted is Floggers.

Peter's suggestion is good. Another option would be to do a huge amount of
cold brew at home then heat it up in the tank at the church. Others, in the
past (as I remember) have suggested doing some sort of homemade filter
method with the the coffee maker, but I have no idea how they did it.
Hopefully someone will remember & pass the info to you.

Best of luck!

(who is getting ready for her wk in sunny Isla Mujeres - and to walk her
youngest down the isle!! woo-hoo!!)

The machine is a sixty cup stainless percolator with the glass tube in
> front to show how much is in it.  ...  As I was looking at it one of the
> women who volunteers in the kitchen told me that making half a pot was
> enough and pointed to the two pound container of Floggers in the cabinet
> below.  She went on to say that making half a pot was enough and that*making it with more than one cup of ground coffee made it too strong for her
> *." (LMAO!)

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