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Starfinder Stanley coffee at starf.org
Thu Mar 15 10:17:04 CDT 2012

Or, rather than making everyone suffer through "water dressed in
brown" masquerading as coffee for the sake of the one person who
doesn't like the flavor of coffee (or perhaps the flavor of rancid,
overroasted stale beans), you should make it proper strength, make an
explanatory sign, and provide an accompanying pot of hot water for
people so inclined to use to dilute the coffee to their preferred
potency.  Then everyone can have a chance to enjoy the coffee.

On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 7:51 AM, Frank Parth <fparth at mac.com> wrote:
>>  My wife volunteered me to make coffee at church on Sunday mornings.  Last
>> night I looked at the brewing equipment and I find myself in need of some
>> help in figuring out how to make a decent coffee with this.  The machine is
>> a sixty cup stainless percolator with the glass tube in front to show how
>> much is in it.  While I have brewed several ways, this one is new to me.  As
>> I was looking at it one of the women who volunteers in the kitchen told me
>> that making half a pot was enough and pointed to the two pound container of
>> Floggers in the cabinet below. She went on to say that making half a pot was
>> enough and that making it with more than one cup of ground coffee made it
>> too strong for her. I have not had a chance to give the machine a try and
>> lost sleep last night trying to figure out how to tackle it.  I have several
>> non-espresso greens to use and I plan to cycle through them with a label
>> posting the name of the coffee and SweetMaria's URL on the pot so I don't
>> need help selecting  the coffee but Ireally suspect the machine controlled
>> brewing process will ruin the coffee.  I have a thermometer that I can useto
>> measure the water's temperature and I am willing to pour hot water at a
>> reasonable temperature to avoid hitting thecoffee with water that is too
>> hot, elevation is a little under 300 feet so our boiling point is right at
>> 212.
>>  Any suggestions will be considered and appreciated.
> Jim,
> My experience is that a perc won't make good coffee no matter what kind of
> coffee you put into it (others' experience may vary).
> Since you've already gotten feedback to make weak coffee, my suggestion is
> don't waste good beans on it, but buy a couple pounds of commercially
> roasted beans.  They won't know the difference.
> Just my thoughts.
> Frank Parth
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