[Homeroast] Help.

Jim Gundlach pecanjim at bellsouth.net
Thu Mar 15 08:43:49 CDT 2012

My wife volunteered me to make coffee at church on Sunday mornings.  Last night I looked at the brewing equipment and I find myself in need of some help in figuring out how to make a decent coffee with this.  The machine is a sixty cup stainless percolator with the glass tube in front to show how much is in it.  While I have brewed several ways, this one is new to me.  As I was looking at it one of the women who volunteers in the kitchen told me that making half a pot was enough and pointed to the two pound container of Floggers in the cabinet below.  She went on to say that making half a pot was enough and that making it with more than one cup of ground coffee made it too strong for her.  I have not had a chance to give the machine a try and lost sleep last night trying to figure out how to tackle it.  I have several non-espresso greens to use and I plan to cycle through them with a label posting the name of the coffee and SweetMaria's URL on the pot so I don't need help selecting the coffee but I really suspect the machine controlled brewing process will ruin the coffee.  I have a thermometer that I can use to measure the water's temperature and I am willing to pour hot water at a reasonable temperature to avoid hitting the coffee with water that is too hot, elevation is a little under 300 feet so our boiling point is right at 212.

Any suggestions will be considered and appreciated. 


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