[Homeroast] Could it be my altitude - 6550 ft

Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 14:44:02 CST 2012

Well, I've failed about a 6 times in a row now with the Yama/Cona rod
combination.  This last time, instead of home-roast, home-ground, I used
store-bought pre-ground coffee - thinking a more consistent grind (less
fines) might be the key.  I'm getting the same result - it stalls fairly


Now I'm wondering if maybe it is my altitude.  In the winter, I'm here in
Park City UT at about 6550 feet elevation.  Since a vacuum pot in part works
based on the pressure differential between the two globes, I'm wondering if
atmospheric pressure this high just isn't enough to "push" the liquid coffee
from the top globe into the bottom past the Cona rod.  


It seems to work OK with a cloth filter - it may start to stall, but a quick
stir of the top globe coupled with perhaps a bit of scraping the submerged
filter with a teaspoon frees it up.


While winters are at 6550 feet, summers are in the foothills above Las Vegas
at about 3150 feet of elevation.   (these are according to google earth)


Have any of you found difficulty using a vacuum pot at elevation?





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