[Homeroast] Chaff fire in Quest M3

Jeff Bensen jbensen-0007 at xemaps.com
Sat Mar 3 01:50:23 CST 2012

I also roast 4-5 batches back-to-back and have been cleaning the 
chaff collector on my Quest after every roast using a small shop vac 
dedicated to that purpose. It literally takes about two seconds to 
vacuum the inside area and the mesh strainer. I do this mainly to 
keep the airflow consistent from batch to batch, but it may also help 
reduce the risk of a chaff fire.

-- Jeff B.

At 09:29 PM 3/2/2012, sci wrote:

>I had a little chaff fire in the Quest just now. I was roasting Sumatra
>Aceh Dry Hulled, hoping to hit V-, climbing up to 2C, around 425F I got a
>torrents of billowing smoke clouds coming out the back vent. Looking inside
>the chaff collector I found a little fire going, so I just let it burn out
>by turning down the fan a little. This is my first Quest fire. Nothing bad
>happened, except some smoke in the kitchen. I roast so the smoke mostly
>goes into my outdoor vented hood. I do clean out the chaff collector about
>every other roast, but will probably start doing it every time. I'm usually
>roasting 4-5 batches back-to-back.

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