[Homeroast] Tips for Cona Rod + Yama Vacuum Pot

j3r j at j3r.org
Fri Mar 2 12:32:43 CST 2012

On 12-03-02 01:17 PM, Phil Palmintere wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I can sure use some tips/techniques on using the Cona glass rod with the
> Yama vacuum pot.  A Cona rod arrived with my order of greens this week, and
> I tried the rod for the first time this morning.
> I set my coffee grinder to very coarse in an attempt to not have it stall.
> My first attempt didn't work.  It stalled pretty early on.  Stirring didn't
> work.  Ultimately, I put it back on the burner to equalize pressure enough
> so I could get the glass rod loose.  What a mess.
> I recall it takes the proper technique to use the rod with the vac pot.  Are
> any of you having success?  Can you share your tips?
> Thanks
> Phil

I thought I would have a problem with stalling but I never did. I grind 
at my medium-coarse setting for it, basically a bit finer than for 
french press. However, I always get a little more sediment than I would 
like and I have gone back to the cloth filter for most brews. I love the 
idea of the rod, but it is too easy to knock when stirring, and it is 
just less reliable than the filters I find. Out of about 20 uses I have 
ruined 2 pots (a ton of grinds got sucked down because I disturbed the 
rod) and 4 more were borderline.

I recently picked up a metal mesh screen for my bodum that I am waiting 
to try, I have high hopes this will be the "perfect" filter.


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