[Homeroast] Travelling with Homeroast

Sandy Andina sandraandina at mac.com
Tue Jun 26 16:34:18 CDT 2012

My singing partner's wife actually DID mainline caffeine--she awoke from arthroscopy with a pounding headache. The nurse asked her if she'd had her morning coffee, and because she'd been NPO since midnight, she said she hadn't.  The nurse drew a syringe of pharmaceutical-grade caffeine and injected it directly into her IV!

I have been told that the nurses make themselves some fairly strong coffee and might be willing to share....but late at night. Dang! So I may see if "Charlie Trotter's To Go" across the street can send over some decent espresso or even Clover-dripped from time to time. (Hey, it's our 41st anniv. tomorrow--I can't celebrate with champagne because of the painkillers and coumadin--and we spent our 40th at Trotter's actual restaurant, where Charlie came and schmoozed for awhile, gave us a tour of the kitchen & cellar, and a gift bag of two cookbooks and some house-made shortbread.  He's hanging up his toque in Aug. to go back to grad school and study philosophy, so this may be our last chance).  Meanwhile, Bob's bringing some plastic champagne flutes from home so we can toast with seltzer.

And yes, the "11" was definitely a Spinal Tap reference.  I half expected to hallucinate an 18" high replica of Stonehenge, complete with dancing elves--but they're not giving me THAT much hydrocodone.

Peace & Song, 
Sandy Andina

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