[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's new coffee alert

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Sun Jun 24 16:08:45 CDT 2012

On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 07:12:07PM -0500, kevin creason wrote:
> Dang it! I just ordered this morning!

Well then, thanks from everyone else - you know they don't post these
things until someone has just ordered!  :-)

> > http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.central.salvador.php?coffee=3513#3513
> > that we are happy to launch today.  There are more Central American
> > coffees that we are eager to add next week but were able to get
> > this one posted before the weekend.  Have a good one.

I had some of last year's Montanita, and it was great.  Good thing they
mentioned the others to be added in the near future, as I've been
waiting <whimper> and waiting for the new Centrals.  Broke down and
thawed & roasted some of the Siberia Pacamara last week, and it's not
even a Bourbon!

One lesson I've learned from my years as Linux's hood ornament is that
there's something worse: some folks can't be content to just take things
too seriously on their own.  They're not happy unless they can convince
others to go along with their obsession.  -- Linus

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