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I took an aeropress, hario hand grinder, electric kettle, and home roasted beans to Hawaii.  All in my carry-on, but I didn't have any bulky wardrobe items.  Most of the beans fit nicely inside the kettle, so it didn't add much bulk over beans alone.  I put the rest of the beans inside the body of the areopress.  As long as you can use the hollow space inside the grinder, areopress, etc, you won't add much space or weight.

Of course, if you can try a new coffee spot each day that might work too.


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Greetings all,
I'm travelling up to Boston (staying slightly out of Boston) next week.
I'm debating between packing for 100% carry-on vs checked baggage.  With
checked, it would be easier to take a HR setup.  But the extra fees
involved weigh in.  I also don't know that I'll have reliable hot water
there, and I don't know that I want to try and pack a kettle.

So, suggestions on travelling by air with homeroast?  Great coffee around


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