[Homeroast] Sour Espresso

Frank Parth frank at fparth.com
Wed Jun 20 16:59:50 CDT 2012

>  I have enjoyed an occasional espresso for more than fifty years,
>  whenever a decent espresso bar is near, BUT  . . . the volume and
>  character of comment on this subject has intensified my view that many
>  (not all, perhaps, but many) of the espresso-at-home buffs populating
>  this list are gadget-buffs first and coffee lovers second.  Coffee
>  brewed at home by any of the preferred methods approaches
>  coffee-nirvana so regularly that spending big dollars and hours to
>  produce a tolerable example of the espresso alternative just
>  occasionally seems more toy-oriented than palate oriented.
>  (One coffee-lover's thought.  Looking forward to reading alternative views.)

And I would politely disagree. Very much so.

The goal of every one of us is to create the best cup of coffee possible with the resources we have. The "gadgets"are 
how we achieve that.

The different methods of roasting, grinding, and brewing coffee bring out totally different flavors and 
characteristics. By comparing how each one of us does that we learn different approaches to our common goal. We've 
talked about much more than just gadgets, we've extensively discussing grinds, brewing temperatures, brewing methods, 
and everything inbetween.

Frank Parth

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