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Bryan, Compass Coffee bryan at compasscoffeeroasting.com
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So you're telling me that a shot that you ground hours before you brewed it tasted flat and lifeless?!  Miraculous!

What I was getting at with that comment (as was rather obvious) was that basing a shot on whether it has 10% crema or 25% crema or 100% crema, dark yellow or light brown, dark flecking or tiger striping, is completely useless because there aren't any absolutes.  If I have a shot with dark crema, reddish hue and great flecking and then I pour it from one vessel to another it's going to become much lighter, with no flecking at all.  Does it taste worse?  Nope, just looks different.

Relatively fresh dry processed coffee will always give you more crema than relatively fresh wet processed coffee.  Does that mean that dry process will always taste better than wet processed?  Obviously not.

The point of the email was to not focus on what the crema is doing, but instead to focus on things that are ACTUALLY absolutes: weights and time.

Can crema be a visual aid to whether your parameters were in check?  Sure.  Should you judge a shot based on how much crema it has or what color the crema is without tasting it?  Nope.


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> I'd stop basing your shot's success on the crema.  Crema doesn't mean a damn thing.

When I pulled my shot this morning it was topped with a good half inch of crema.  But while I was grinding the coffee for that shot the knob fell off my forty-three pound grinder and in the time it took me to get the knob back on and turn it off it ground enough for a second shot.  Well I am getting low on greens, I will order tomorrow, so I decided to go ahead and use the extra ground coffee for my afternoon shot.  Low and behold:  No crema.  Doesn't taste as good either.  Anyway a imputed  correlation based on an N of two, which should not be calculated because N is less than three, a loss of crema predicts a loss of flavor.

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