[Homeroast] Sour expresso taste

Mike Wilkens mike.wilkens at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 01:21:58 CDT 2012

Bryan, Denis: thanks, I'll try to provide some more info.  I haven't weighed most of the shots, but in one case the ratio of coffee to liquid was 47% (14 g coffee resulting in 30 g liquid in 26 seconds), probably lower in earlier cases.  I try to judge the flow color best I can and stop when I see watery flow.  I try to adjust the grind and dose to make that brew time come out to 25-30 seconds.

Beans are Counter Culture Coffee's Toscano, 17 days now since roasting, stored in valve bags and airtight glass jars, once opened.

Flow is not going from black to blonde instantaneously, and I think flow transition is better at present, I see dark brown flow, leading to brown flow leading to yellow, to watery.  It's thin and there's very little crema at finer grinds, when I grind coarser I get maybe 30% crema.  Flow was really too fast on that pull though.  Crema color is usually OK now (before, it was yellow), not dark brown but not tan, medium brown I suppose.

I've been told that lack of crema is a sign the extraction's wrong.  If that's true, I don't know how to fix it except grinding coarser.

At this point some shots taste sour, some shots taste bitter or metallic, and as cappuccinos, some taste sour, and some taste OK, and some taste bland.  At least I'm able to modulate the taste somewhat.  But I'm not able to control it.


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