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I sent out an email a couple of days ago and in it I mentioned." I don't
remember the last time I saw Harar Horse available? When is it usually

Can you answer this question for me?

John H. 

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Hello everyone. Here's the 2 new coffees we are adding. Expect more
offerings from Central America in the coming weeks. Also, thank you for
everyone who had shown support for keeping the Homeroast email list alive.
We will continue to host it and use it to announce new coffees right after
they are available for purchase. Take care. Have a great weekend.

Ethiopia Dry Process Saris
heavily fruited with a blend of berries and spice, and healthy doses
chocolate. This coffee has a "weighty" body and silky mouthfeel.

Nicaragua Dipilto Cielo
an almond nuttiness to it, with butterscotch and honey.

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