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Dhananjaya djgarcia at improbablystructuredlayers.net
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Many thanks! And as you state, questions concerning products and offerings
should be handled through phone or direct e-mail. You should not have to
monitor the list for such things. And it may be a good idea to state so in
the list header info. Sure, no one will read it, but you can at least point
to it and say I told you so :-).

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Hi Everyone. Thank you very much for your feedback. We appreciate your
enthusiasm for the list and *will* continue to support, monitor and use it
to send new coffee notifications. One reason we had considered the shift was
that it was difficult for us to keep up with the longer threads. Please
continue to use the list to your heart's content but remember to email us
directly at info at sweetmarias.com if you have any questions or concerns that
you would like us to attend to.


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