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Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byronsweetmarias at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 15:31:18 CDT 2012

Hello everyone. Here's four new coffees we just added.

Ethiopia FTO Dry Process Worka
what fans of naturals have been waiting for, this lot is so heavily
fruited that our entire warehouse smells like ripe coffee cherry just from
the aroma of the green beans; expect strawberry, mango and milky body in
the cup, works well across the roast spectrum. Guatemala Antigua Finca
a profound sweetness that intensifies as it cools, berry and malic
notes round out one of our top Central arrivals of the year. Guatemala
Antigua Retana Red
a clean, well-structured cup with a bright acidic snap, great at all
roast levels and as SO espresso. Guatemala Finca La
a very juicy cup with tea-like acidity and a nice balance between
bittersweet and sweet. Happy Fourth of July everyone, be safe.

*Byron Dote*

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