[Homeroast] What's in your cup?

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I had forgotten that Anokhi Liberica was also from India. I would buy that one again too, if SM finds one that is up to Tom's standard. I brewed the Poabs in a Chemex with Hario filter.
Today's coffee is Kenya Kirinyaga Kiunyu Peaberry. I bought it when I bought the sampler, but this one was not in the sampler. Roasted to the cusp of 2nd crack, 13:02. The first thing that hit me was intense rich fruitiness, what Tom describes as blackberry syrup. Some Kenyas are too bright for my taste, but this one is a winner. Also brewed Chemex/Hario.

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Kudos for going outside your usual comfort zone. That Sampler sounds like a
great idea.

One Indian coffee that stood out for me was the C. liberica. It was too
pricey to drink regularly but a very interesting brew. I believe the
Liberica tree is a lot taller than C. arabica bushes and commensurately more
difficult to harvest. And it also has a different flavor profile from most
Indian beans, more like Yemeni DP. Have not seen it in a long while at SM
though I would like to revisit it.

I look forward to sampling the Poab beans. How can you go wrong roasting to
SM specs?

How are you brewing it?

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Has anyone else tried India Poabs Organic Seethargundu Estate? It was a
pleasant surprise for me. I buy India coffee only occasionally, because
although they are usually okay (at least the ones SM offers -- the only ones
I know about) they don't stand out for me. But this one made me take notice.
I got it in a sampler pack. I roasted this last night in a split-wired
Poppery -- 12 minutes 27 seconds and quite a ways into 2nd crack, per Tom's
suggestion to roast a bit on the dark side. It is wonderfully fragrant and
complex. I thought it must be dry-processed, but it doesn't look it. So, I
went to the review at SW. Sure enough it is wet-processed, but Tom compares
it to dry-processed as well. 

Anyway, I'm glad I sprang for the sampler -- as I do from time to time --
because this is a sleeper that I would have missed.

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