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Thanks Tom! Viva Espresso was the last thing I expected in a third world
country. They are nice shops, world class, better than most here in US. I
know what you mean about the Nescafe. I have been to several coffee
producing countries for extended stays, only to find among hundreds of
coffee farms, that many people there drink Nescafe (e.g., Tanzania, Mexico,
Uganda). And I'm marking this down on my calender as a day to remember: I
somehow beat Tom to something in the wonderful world of coffee. Ha! Not
only is it a first, but also a last most likely. Also, I was surprised to
find that Viva Espresso would even make your coffee in a Clever Coffee
Dripper if you wished. I chose a Chemex and it was superbly executed. They
have 4 safe locations in San Salvador. Hope you enjoy!


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> Ivan - I hope you know how impressive it is to have the experience
> you had. 5 years ago you would have been better off with a Nescafe
> than local coffee. This is a really positive change in
> coffee-producing countries. Still, some of the new chain stores will
> do latte art, and seem specialty, but the coffee is bad. You found a
> real gem there...plus, you beat me to it. I havent been to Viva
> Espresso, but I will definitely check it out in a few weeks when I am
> there.
> Tom
> >My trip to El Salvador brought a few nice coffee surprises. ES is
> >definitely a coffee-centric culture historically. It is a tiny country and
> >produces a tiny amount of coffee compared to other powerhouse producers,
> >but as we know, some spectacular coffee comes from there (e.g., any of
> Aida
> >Batlle's fincas). I found a great local chain of shops, Viva Espresso,
> >whose baristas placed in the World Barista Championship. They had some
> >great ES selections and had a line up of brewing methods that outstripped
> >most shops I have seen here in the US, including some great shops in
> >Frisco. They had about everything except siphons, even AeroPresses. I
> >picked up a pound of Finca San Jose '11 which won a "coffee of the year"
> >with SCAA  Guild in '11. Outstanding place. Went through a small
> >earthquake, lived two miles from a volcano crater, ate lots of pupusas,
> >tried to avoid the dangerous places in San Salv. Salvadorans were very
> >friendly and kind. I hope go back someday.
> >
> >
> >Ivan

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