[Homeroast] San Salvador coffee shops

sci scizen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 20:26:11 CST 2012

My trip to El Salvador brought a few nice coffee surprises. ES is
definitely a coffee-centric culture historically. It is a tiny country and
produces a tiny amount of coffee compared to other powerhouse producers,
but as we know, some spectacular coffee comes from there (e.g., any of Aida
Batlle's fincas). I found a great local chain of shops, Viva Espresso,
whose baristas placed in the World Barista Championship. They had some
great ES selections and had a line up of brewing methods that outstripped
most shops I have seen here in the US, including some great shops in
Frisco. They had about everything except siphons, even AeroPresses. I
picked up a pound of Finca San Jose '11 which won a "coffee of the year"
with SCAA  Guild in '11. Outstanding place. Went through a small
earthquake, lived two miles from a volcano crater, ate lots of pupusas,
tried to avoid the dangerous places in San Salv. Salvadorans were very
friendly and kind. I hope go back someday.


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