[Homeroast] E-mail addresses hijacked.

Frank Parth frank at fparth.com
Mon Jan 23 15:02:47 CST 2012

Thanks for the response.

It takes 30 minutes or so to boot into Windows because I only use it once every couple of months. I don't have any 
protection except for what's built into Windows itself, and I'm very careful not to be logged onto the Internet with 
Windows open except when I'm in the office, never when I'm at a client site or teaching a class on how to manage 
software projects using MS Project. I'm only logged on long enough to download the latest protection updates and to use 
MS Project or PrimaVera.

I learned my first programming language (I'm gonna date myself now) back in 1967. It was FORTRAN IV on an IBM mainframe 
using punchcards at Loyola University in Los Angeles. I was in high school at the time and they allowed us to use their 
computer. I've learned a few other programming languages since then and am well familiar with UNIX andthe fact that  a 
UNIX kernal is at the the core of the Mac OS.

I say all this merely to indicate that different experiences lead to different approaches. With over 30 years in 
technology development I've created an approach that works for me and for my employees. If it takes me longer to 
download and install security updates that's not a problem. I can keep on working while that's going on. If I'm doing 
something wrong I guarantee that my son, who's working on his graduate degree in computer science, will tell me about 


>  Frank,
>  I know you want to get back on topic, so do I, but if it takes you 30
>  minutes to update your malware / virus databases in Windows 7, there is
>  something SERIOUSLY wrong with your setup. I use Oupost Firewall Pro and
>  Avast Free Antivirus. They only take a few seconds to update through my DSL
>  connection and it happens automatically.
>  ...
>  I have used Windows since the NT days - never have I been infected and I
>  work as a software developer and do all my shopping on the Internet. I also
>  use proven firewall and antivirus software. Most infections happen by
>  clicking on a link you should have been more careful about.
>  OK, back to roasting ...
>  DJ
>  -

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