[Homeroast] E-mail addresses hijacked.

Joseph Robertson theotherjo at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 01:04:27 CST 2012

Thanks for the update on Ubuntu. I was going in that direction once before
this significant update to 11.10. Now it is looking very attractive.
Of course I'm a serious geek anyhow.

On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 8:28 PM, Rich <rich-mail at octoxol.com> wrote:

> The current releases of Ubuntu are as user friendly as windows and unless
> you just have to have MS software all the same functionality. There is a
> huge active Ubuntu community that is actually helpful. You are not required
> to know how to use a command line or terminal with Ubuntu and you will
> never have to tweak a configuration file. This was not true with Ubuntu 8.4
> but the current release is 11.10. The Android smart phone is running Linux
> and many of the net-books run Linux. Likewise most of the tablets. Linux is
> considerably more secure.
> On 01/22/2012 09:53 PM, Joseph Robertson wrote:
>> Frank,
>> Although the idea here is to stay on the home coffee roasting topic,  the
>> subject of this thread is, ( E-mail addresses hijacked.) I for one buy
>> green coffee online and this subject came up because a spammer got onto
>> this list with a ( click on and your screwed, I mean hijacked ) link. I
>> know Tom wants us to be safe and purchase his beans and products with out
>> to much worry of internet safety. I for one really appriciate your comment
>> on the challange of a linux OS. It really helps me understand the issues
>> we
>> are faced with to use this list on a daily basis as I know I do. You put
>> in
>> plain english what I would have like to be able to mention about Linux
>> OS's. Thank you. Seems so true with a Windows OS, you really need to think
>> before you click and watch where you surf.
>> Happy roasting when you get back to it. That's were I'm heading now.
>> sincerely,
>> Joe
>> On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 6:37 PM, Frank Parth<fparth at mac.com>  wrote:
>>  Steve,
>>> Ubuntu is good. But it requires far more technical knowledge than the
>>> vast
>>> majority of people want to deal with. People just want their computer to
>>> work and not have to configure it and deal with the limited number of
>>> programs available for minority OSes. I enjoy playing with Linux
>>> occasionally, but I can't afford to run my business on it. I need
>>> something
>>> that employees can easily understand and work with.
>>> One threat-monitoring site, http://www.f-secure.com/**
>>> weblog/archives/00002300.html<**http://www.f-secure.com/**
>>> weblog/archives/00002300.html<http://www.f-secure.com/weblog/archives/00002300.html>
>>> >**,
>>> has just released their report on the amount of mal-ware for the Mac OS.
>>> They say there are several dozen new baddies out there for the Mac (most
>>> of
>>> which  are trojans which can only be accessed by logging onto bad web
>>> sites
>>> (most file-sharing ones)). But compared to the millions of mal-ware
>>> threats
>>> for Windows I feel perfectly safe.
>>> The US Air Force bought 25,000 Apple computers back in 1984-85. That's
>>> how
>>> I got exposed to them. I've been buying Apple products for my own use
>>> since
>>> 1987. I stay logged on the Internet 24 hours a day (often in some odd
>>> countries), have  no anti-malware software, and have never had a virus,
>>> trojan, or macro virus.
>>> By comparison, when I boot up Windows 7 (using Fusion in a virtual
>>> environment) it takes 30 minutes or so to download and install all the
>>> current mal-ware updates. I try not to bring up Windows unless I need to
>>> use MS Project for a client.
>>> But this is getting far off-topic. To get this back to coffee roasting, I
>>> enjoy using Artisan S/W to run my Quest when I roast so I can get
>>> repeat-able roasts.
>>> Did I do good bringing this back to roasting?
>>> ;)
>>> Frank
>>>   Hello Roasters,
>>>>  As a fairly passive listener I have not commented much as i have done
>>>> little coffee roasting (i will in the future).
>>>>  However i had to comment on the computer infection issues - Using a
>>>> version of Linux would go a very long way to prevent malware on your
>>>> computers as the majority of malware is written for the Windows
>>>> environment.  You can easily dual bootyour computer (when the computer
>>>> starts you can choose which OS to operate) with Linux(Ubuntu or Mint isa
>>>> good start). So when i get email, visit various websites etc, I have a
>>>> very
>>>> low risk of infection.  And yes there is no perfect defense but using a
>>>> good defensive strategy goes a very long ways in keeping your computers
>>>> secure.Thanks for sharing the knowledge, hope this helps and Happy
>>>> Roasting!
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