[Homeroast] Reaching out and such

Scot Murphy deppitybob at comcast.net
Sun Jan 22 21:09:48 CST 2012

Hello from a seldom-contributor,

I've got a project this summer and wonder if someone in the general southern Lake Michigan area might be willing to help. I am planning to go to a festival up near Muskegon, MI called Lakes of Fire (www.lakesoffire.org). It's one of those Burning Man festivals that happen every year. This'll be my first. It's a 3-day thing, and it's pretty much a hippie thing where the general thing to do is give gifts of some kind or another. Anything from art to performance to food. I'd like to set up my camp as a coffee roasting theme site. I've heard that morning coffee is hard to come by at these things, and I'd like to be the camp where everyone can come for a cup of coffee. 

The thing there is, I need a charcoal-and-drum setup for this site and project. It's beyond my finances right now to buy one, so I'm hoping there might be someone in the general area I can borrow a set-up like this from for the weekend. It's not until late June. I live in northcentral Indiana and would be willing to travel a fair distance to borrow one, if one exists nearby. I'll leave you something as collateral. :) 

Would anyone be able and willing to help?

Scot "provide your own cup" Murphy

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