[Homeroast] E-mail addresses hijacked.

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Sun Jan 22 20:37:55 CST 2012

Ubuntu is good. But it requires far more technical knowledge than the vast majority of people want to deal with. People 
just want their computer to work and not have to configure it and deal with the limited number of programs available 
for minority OSes. I enjoy playing with Linux occasionally, but I can't afford to run my business on it. I need 
something that employees can easily understand and work with.

One threat-monitoring site, http://www.f-secure.com/weblog/archives/00002300.html, has just released their report on 
the amount of mal-ware for the Mac OS. They say there are several dozen new baddies out there for the Mac (most of 
which  are trojans which can only be accessed by logging onto bad web sites (most file-sharing ones)). But compared to 
the millions of mal-ware threats for Windows I feel perfectly safe.

The US Air Force bought 25,000 Apple computers back in 1984-85. That's how I got exposed to them. I've been buying 
Apple products for my own use since 1987. I stay logged on the Internet 24 hours a day (often in some odd countries), 
have  no anti-malware software, and have never had a virus, trojan, or macro virus.

By comparison, when I boot up Windows 7 (using Fusion in a virtual environment) it takes 30 minutes or so to download 
and install all the current mal-ware updates. I try not to bring up Windows unless I need to use MS Project for a 

But this is getting far off-topic. To get this back to coffee roasting, I enjoy using Artisan S/W to run my Quest when 
I roast so I can get repeat-able roasts.

Did I do good bringing this back to roasting?



>  Hello Roasters,
>   As a fairly passive listener I have not commented much as i have done little coffee roasting (i will in the future).
>  However i had to comment on the computer infection issues - Using a version of Linux would go a very long way to 
> prevent malware on your computers as the majority of malware is written for the Windows environment.  You can easily 
> dual bootyour computer (when the computer starts you can choose which OS to operate) with Linux(Ubuntu or Mint isa 
> good start). So when i get email, visit various websites etc, I have a very low risk of infection.  And yes there is 
> no perfect defense but using a good defensive strategy goes a very long ways in keeping your computers secure.Thanks 
> for sharing the knowledge, hope this helps and Happy Roasting!

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