[Homeroast] E-mail addresses hijacked.

Frank Parth frank at fparth.com
Sat Jan 21 11:36:57 CST 2012

>  I'm sorry to report my e-mail address book was hijacked.
>  The email sent out was just a line or two of nonsensical letters and symbols.
>  I've no idea who sent it or what it means.  I've changed my password to try and prevent this again.
>  Sorry,
>  Earl
>  Just be yourself;
>  everyone else is taken.

Sorry to hear that. It happens. Changing your password usually doesn't do much except keep the hackers out of access 
tothe list using your e-mail address.

If it was just a line of nonsense, then what they're doing is testing to make sure they have a useable address. If it 
had kicked back to them as unusable they would move on to someone else's address.

Now that they have your e-mail addy, they will probably use it multiple times to send out spam, and there ain't much 
you can do about it. Eventually they'll get tired of using your address and use someone else's.

Frank Parth

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