[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's first ever, live, interactive, video broadcast. Friday at noon.

Joel Gomberg jgomberg at pacbell.net
Sat Jan 14 15:03:55 CST 2012

I really enjoyed the show, but I came away with a better understanding of how 
limiting home roasters are.  The time differences in the mid range of roast 
levels are so small that it's just about impossible to get precisely what you 
want, especially because the Behmor doesn't stop the roasting process very 
quickly after the cooling button is pressed.  I didn't see any ads, thanks to 
Adblock Plus.

On 01/13/2012 07:30 PM, Terry McVay (rr) wrote:
> Tom what a fantastic experience!  Really learned a lot here being able to
> watch, listen and learn at the same time. Especially interested in your
> coffee/water ratio (7gr to 1/2 cup) and a discussion of the psychology of
> cupping. (Re:coffe tastes.. when I brush in the morning before my first cup,
> I don't use toothpaste.)
> And yes, the ads are very distracting.. Too bad about the time delay or
> 'tweeting' the questions might have worked.
> Terry/Kona, Hawaii
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> broadcast. Friday at noon.
> Hello everyone. Tune into our Ustream page tomorrow (Friday 1/13/2012) at
> Noon PST to watch and/or participate in Tom's live, interactive broadcast
> where he will go into detail about cupping roast levels. Viewers will be
> able to participate in a live chat. It's our first time doing this so try
> not to make fun of us as we work out the kinks. If it goes smooth, you can
> expect more live broadcasts in the future. Here's the link for out Ustream
> page...
> http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sweet-marias


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