[Homeroast] My Coffee/Tea Class

Anthony Talo anthony.talo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 15:25:26 CST 2012

Hello List!
Just wanted to un-lurk to let you know that my class at Saint Mary's
College of CA made the newspaper. The class is titled "Battle of the
Beverage Giants: Coffee vs. Tea" - I know a dumb name for a class but it
has attracted attention and filled quickly. The students are learning about
the history, anthropology, biology and chemistry of coffee and tea.

We just finished pan-roasting 6lbs of Sweet Maria's finest and the students
are pretty jazzed (also caffeinated). I know that a couple of them are
going to order from Sweet Maria's and roast at home themselves!

I just wanted to say thanks to all on this list for their inspiration and
"Thanks!" to Sweet Maria's for being right over the hill here in the Bay
area. I've included two links, on for the online version in the Contra
Costa Times, and the other, a PDF archived by Saint Mary's of the original,
paper version.


Tony Talo

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