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Wonderful to hear that you will be coming to the Big Island for vacation I
hope you have a great time and I would love to get a chance to meet you and
the family. I saw Zara's response and I know that there are several
homeroasters over the years that have stopped over (including Tom) and trust
that they will respond.  Although I have worked with several coffee farmers
and have been able to to help with the harvests on occasion at friends
farms, I have never 'taken a tour' and would not know what to suggest. Ditto
the coffee shops, unless I have to I don't have coffee 'out' and wouldn't
know who makes a good cup these days. At the International Market (a
collection of shops primarily for tourists) there is a coffee shop where the
owner is a roaster and has a beautiful roaster in the shop as I recall but
like most he makes his coffee wayyyy to weak for my taste.

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John, Emma, Taz, Ayla, and Nile's Spirit 

Hi All,

My wife and I are traveling to the Big Island in Feb. We have never been. I
want to visit at least one farm while we're there if not two. Any
suggestions on which ones to visit and where to buy the best cup of coffee
while we're there?

I know that just because you are there doesn't mean it is good, as has been
said in other posts. I also know this from our travels in Costa Rica.

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