[Homeroast] identifying green beans

j3r j at j3r.org
Thu Jan 5 09:54:02 CST 2012

On 01/05/2012 10:27 AM, Brian Kamnetz wrote:
> I think the bottom line here is that we all buy from Tom because we
> are assured of getting the very best of the best beans that coffee
> producers worldwide have to offer. If you are miKe and buy coffee
> commercially by the multiple pallet monthly, it might pay to shop
> around. For homeroasters, my opinion is that it is folly to buy green
> coffee beans anywhere other than Sweet Maria's.
> (Additionally, this listserv is hosted by Sweet Maria's for the
> benefit of Sweet Maria's customers, so it is not kosher to use is as a
> forum for alternative green coffee dealers. That discussion should be
> held elsewhere.)
> Brian
I agree that Sweet Marias is bar none THE place to go. That said, not 
all of us live in the US, and we may come upon sellers in various 
places, such as around town. I never mentioned where I bought them, this 
is not commercial in any way, more I am curious about how even Sweet 
Marias would verify that the lot of JBM (for instance) they purchased 
was not switched along the way for a cheaper bean.

I gather there is no realistic way to know (assuming the same varietals 
and similar look of the beans) other than a lab test. I will assume this 
is the answer, and I apologize if I have broken a rule.


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