[Homeroast] Coffees of the year

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Tue Jan 3 16:49:02 CST 2012

Thats a pretty strong list of favorites. The Ngunguru Kenya was one 
of my tops, Kangunu, Tegu ... There were so many I can't recall all 
of them. I am just cupping some "fly crop" Kenyas now and they are so 
mediocre. I mean, they are ok I guess, 85 points, but the bar is set 
so high that 85 doesnt cut it. There were a lot of Ethiopias that 
topped my list as well - really too many to mention. Suke Quto was 
pretty amazing, and certain roasts of it seemed to coalesce into a 
really super cup. There were a lot of Guatemalas too. I loved our new 
coffee from Cabrejo. La Folie was fantastic too. Finca Rosma, great! 
La Montanita Pacamara and Bourbon were probably my favorite El 
Salvadors. Boy, this could go on and on - I have to get back to 
cupping before these cups get cold...

>Favorite coffees this year.... Defiantly the Guatemala Gesha, 
>pineapple in every roast, tropical fruit and hard to mess up. the 
>Ethiopia Guji Suke Quoto was pretty amazing, delicate lightly 
>fruited cup, sweet, and even worked well as espresso. The Kenya 
>Neryi Tuga AB was good, but I often ended up with a sour roast. 
>There was a magic spot with this coffee that blew my mind, but I 
>didnt hit it often enough. And then the Kenya Murang'a AA Kangunu 
>was truly the bees knees. If only I purchased more than 2 pounds of 
>it. Damn!!!
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