[Homeroast] OT: Lost coffee shipment

miKe mcKoffee mckona at comcast.net
Tue Feb 28 21:03:11 CST 2012

Ever have a coffee shipment lost on you? Annoying ain't it. Now imagine if
it was a 10 bag 1400 pound full pallet you'd just paid $5k for the greens
AND a couple of them are critical blend components you are now out of. Mucho
more than annoying to say the least. Called freight company this morning 9am
to attempt to get delivery ETA since tracking simply said "arrived Portland"
not out for delivery as it should have and instead found out the greens
never actually made it from Auburn (Seattle) to Portland, system arrival
status was in error. And they still haven't found them by end of day...

The "joys of coffee" as a professional come in many splendid forms! I'll be
re-ordering (more $ outlay) some of the greens and making an emergency run
up to Auburn myself Thursday to pick them up if the shipment isn't found by
10am tomorrow. Then have to deal with claims later.

You do whatcha gotta do.

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