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Gregg Talton gregg.talton at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 14:01:24 CST 2012


I'm a daily list reader but rarely post.   I just resturned from a visit to
the Arsi region of Ethiopia.  While in he region, I had the opportunity to
have a few interesting coffee experiences.   We were staying, and working
in Robe, Arsi  which is about 60 km from Jimma according to our host.  Each
night we were treated to a coffee ceremony.  I was given the privelege of
assisting the coffee roaster one of the evenings.  She used a kitchen
skillet and a stick to roast the coffee to veinna +. The evening I assisted
we had City+.  She called it fringe' (foreigner) coffee.  One of the things
I found most interesting was how she washed the coffee in hot water for
several minutes before roasting. Through the interpreter I learned that she
was removing the chaff.  Because of the roast level I couln't taste a
difference in the coffee.  Additionally, when I inquired as to the roast
level she just smiled and told they interpreter "that's how it's done".
She added enough sugar to the final product to make it syrupy sweet.  I'm
from Alabama, I'm used to my sweet tea but this was very, very sweet.  I'm
planning to wash some green tonight before roasting to see how it turns out.

As the week went on I met with some farmers in Endetto who are planning to
begin coffee farming this year.  I'll be returning in less than a year so
I'm very interested learn of their progress.

Gregg T

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