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Espresso machines this class use a button thermostat to control boiler temp.
It has a wide, I mean WIDE temperature deadband of a good 25 to 30f from
heater coming on to going off and over shoot. You have to learn to time
(surf) your shots knowing your machine's deadband characteristic. Mucho
info' if you search HB. Plus 20 minutes minimal heat up time for the entire
brew path to be up to temp. And group will heat up until heat saturated
doing consecutive shots.

Good to once in a blue moon great shots are possible entry level SBDU
machines like the Gaggia Baby. Consistency is difficult and takes experience
and an intimate knowledge of your machine applying that knowledge.

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I pre-heat the machine for a min of 20 min. Run about a cup through before I
pull a shot. I use the water I run through the machine to pre-heat the cup.
I pull the shot into two shot glasses for 25-27 sec. Sometimes the shots are
sweet and sometimes they are sour. This morning's shots were definitely

Practice, practice, practice. I am getting some good shots but most seem to
have too little crema or the amount of shot is greater than 2oz in two shot
glasses at 27 sec (the pour is too fast). I have been using 18g of ground
coffee and use an Espro Tamper. This morning I used more like 19-20g of
coffee and the pours were great where there was lots of crema (more than
half of the shot glass) and at 27 sec one shot glass was about 1.75oz and
the other was about 1.25oz yet it still tasted sour.

Thoughts, ideas and input?


John H. 

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