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Rancilio and Baratza grinder designs apples and oranges. Rocky has no
plastic parts as far as grind adjustment concerned. Also, grinders in this
class and size burrs have an effective burr life of around One Hundred
pounds max espresso grind, not One thousand. 

As far as the original problem of excessive shute grind hang after changing
burrs on Rocky, I've replaced my Rocky burrs 8 or 9 times and have never
experienced an operatonal function change so can't speak to the issue.
(other than returning to quality grind with new burrs, and True Zero being
different different burr sets)

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I don't have the Rancilio Rocky, but I do have the Baratz Virtuoso.  If I
were you, I'd contact the company.  It probably is not the burrs, and can
very well be the plastic pieces that adjust surround the burrs and allow the
burrs to correctly twist and make the grind finer.  I do not know if the
grinders are made similarly.  But let's assume they are somewhat similar.
The burrs generally last for about 1000 pounds of coffee.  However, the
plastic pieces that hold the burrs can easily get worn, and tiny pieces that
are extremely vital to the grinder working properly can easily snap off over
time.  On my Baratza, the adjustment ring that holds the outer burr is
supposed to have a few flanges (outer protruding pieces that slide into the
outer adjustment ring, thus allowing the burrs to move closer or farther
apart.  When those flanges break off, the adjustment to a fine grind will
not work and the grinder may jam.  The Baratza customer service department
will replace those plastic rings for free.  So try that with Rancilio.  Call
them up or email customer service and ask them to call you to trouble-shoot
your problem.   Dorian

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