[Homeroast] Bringing Homeroast into Mexico

peter peter at midwestbicycleworks.com
Thu Feb 23 13:05:34 CST 2012

Perfect way to respond.   I've travelled to europe many times with coffee  
and no problems either.

Mike's suggestion of grinding and vacuum packing is a really good one.   
Sometimes when camping, i will grind really fine and then put in and a  
couple of heaping teaspoons of coffee in a cup and then dump 10-12 oz of  
boiling water over it stir let settle, stir again, let settle and then drink  
or slow pour into another cup if you don't want the grounds at the bottom of  
the cup.  No filters to carry, no pots, just coffee.


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Don't know how to participate in this forum, so if it wrong, sorry.  I work
in Texas and my family lives in Monterrey, Mexico.  So I cross back and
forth on a regular basis.  Been checked by customs a thousand times.  Never
had a problem bringing in roasted beans, vacuum-packed or otherwise.  They
ask what is this and I say homemade coffee.  And I am on my way.  No big
deal.  Just don't bring in a gun with the coffee.  Have a great wedding.

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