[Homeroast] OT: Bringing Homeroast into Mexico (& a delightfulvisit fr a SM member!)

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Make individual brew batch size vac bags. Grind each brew batch individually
then immediately vac' seal. Then grind the next. Works quite well, done it
for a couple decades biz trips etc. Ideally keep them as cool as possible
until use, frozen best. And I make up a couple weeks worth at a time for
Debi to take to work, been doing that for over a decade too.

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Well, I'm getting ready for my daughter's upcoming wedding in Mexico (Isla
Mujeres), which I spoke about a couple of months ago. A recap: my amazing
daughter and her equally amazing fiance decided to have an island wedding &
are also paying my way (since my budget doesn't include a week on a
Mexican-Caribbean island, lol). So, besides trying to come up with a very
special & personal gift idea (which, I think, will turn out very nice indeed
- a personal family cookbook!), I'm now thinking that a week without my
homeroast will be dreadful.

I'm now thinking of bringing some vacuum packed, pre-roasted homeroast with
me. I don't know if it'll get past customs, but I figure the worst that can
happen is that they'd take my precious away from me - eek! - but since my
hand grinder is broken, I'm thinking I'll need to grind it all before we
leave... which doesn't make me happy. However, I'm not sure how else to do
this (besides, hand grinding might be too much for me w/my hand pain, which
has increased along with my increased grey hairs, hahaha), but I'm hoping
that pre-grinding won't end up making my homeroast at the same level of
whatever I could obtain on the island - so I'd like any opinion on this.

About a week ago I had a nice visit from Peter Zulkowski & his lovely wife
(they moved back to the MA after living in AZ for a number of years.). He
brought a truckload (!) of greens that now line my pantry (I feel my meager
lunch offering was not the best I could offer - but family emergencies
prevented me from stocking my fridge with necessary ingredients).

It was so nice to meet with both them - made me wonder if we have other
people on the list who would be interested in a local get-together. I love
to cook - and bake - and although my current brewer (a Vietnamese coffee
pot, which I adore) wouldn't be sufficient for a crowd, we could figure
something out. (I'd want to plan it for *after* my daughter's wedding in
March, of course).

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