[Homeroast] Off Topic: Cocoa?

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Tue Feb 14 21:25:40 CST 2012

Hi Tim and folks - I am around.  Just not chiming in a lot.

Yes, you can roast cocoa in your HotTop (about a pound).  And the 
Behmor 1600 which will hold about twice the Hottop amount (2-2.5 
lbs).  There are no contamination issues at all.  I roast both in the 
same drum roaster all the time.  And generally speaking you can roast 
twice the amount of cocoa as coffee since it roasts about 100 F cooler.

You can NOT grind cocoa in a motorized burr grinder.  The oils (cocoa 
butter) will load the burrs.  You can use a manual coffee grinder or 
a whirly blade.

Feel free to ask more here or shoot me a note directly.

Alchemist John

At 10:22 AM 2/13/2012, you wrote:
>Good afternoon,
>Sorry to ask an off-topic question.  I know someone around here roasts
>Cocoa (probably more than one of you...)  I have a couple of questions:
>    - Can I roast cocoa beans in my Hottop (that I roast coffee in)?  (I'm
>    not terribly worried about flavor bleeding, I'm just wondering if I could
>    roast both with the same roaster?)
>    - Can I grind roasted cocoa beans with my regular coffee grinder? (same
>    thing... not terribly worried about flavor bleeding - I'm willing to clean
>    when I need a purer flavor on either side...)
>Grace and peace,
>   `tim
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