[Homeroast] Drum Roaster Question

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>...It (the Gene Café) has consistently produced a good even roast at a wide
variety of ambient temperatures (I roast in the barn).  
> The glass drum makes it super simple to use visual cues to guage roast
level (like I do).  
> It's also quiet enough to hear both first and second crack clearly...

I, too, use the Gene Café.  (My only other experience is with a hot air
popcorn popper).  My hearing is quite poor, so I've taken to roasting with
the Gene Café without using its chaff collector.  Removing the chaff
collector helps me hear 1st & 2nd crack.  Because I'm using it without its
chaff collector, I now roast outside so the chaff doesn't make a mess inside
the house.  In Las Vegas summers, I roast in the early morning (ambient air
temp can be in the 90s then).  In Park City in the winters, I roast outside
as well, typically in the evenings (after skiing & hitting the hot tub) --
and ambient air temps can be around 5 degrees F to 25 degrees.  

I also recommend the Gene Café.  


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