[Homeroast] Drum Roaster Question

Dave McCracken dcm at mccr.org
Mon Feb 13 11:02:29 CST 2012

On Sunday, February 12, 2012, you wrote:
> Do you guys have any suggestions on a reasonably priced drum roasters that
> could handle what I'm looking for?  Batch size isn't super important - I'd
> be happy with a half-pound at a time (though more is better, I care more
> about the roast quality than a gigantic batch size).  Any advice would be
> appreciated!

I currently have and use the Gene Cafe.  It's more expensive than the Behmor 
but less than the HotTop.  It doesn't have fancy programmable controls but its 
simple time and temperature controls are super easy to use.  It has 
consistently produced a good even roast at a wide variety of ambient 
temperatures (I roast in the barn).  The glass drum makes it super simple to 
use visual cues to guage roast level (like I do).  It's also quiet enough to 
hear both first and second crack clearly.

I would not recommend using any half pound or higher roaster in your kitchen 
unless you have major venting.  The smoke from that much coffee isn't pleasant 

Dave McCracken

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