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Sat Feb 4 14:12:44 CST 2012

I really don't think we'll see a pendulum swing back to light roasts
because lighter roasts don't fit into a volume/quantity based business
model. And why risk it when *$ spent 20 years shifting the American palate
to dark? Sure they might have special selection of light roasts. But to do
it right, it will cost more. Light roasts bring out the best and the worst
in beans. That's why cupping roasts are so light, it shows flaws quickly so
they can be eliminated from a purchase (or priced accordingly). So, if my
theory is correct, big companies might come back to a pre-second crack
roast (FC) and call it " light."  But we all know from experience, like
Ed's, that when a mediocre quality bean is roasted light, it is going to be
a disappointment.

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> Soon the big companies will be competing, and under-roasted coffee will be
> the rage. Be sure to duck when the pendulum swings back.

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