[Homeroast] Moving on to the big roaster in the sky

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 08:09:53 CST 2012

Zara -

I'm wondering if that was the same young man I'm thinking of. I can't think
of his name right now, but I think of him often. He actually sent me a BP
machine to help keep track of my (then) extremely high bp.

So many people on this list have been so kind to me... I keep each and
everyone near to my heart. I'll never forget all that's been done for
me- the generosity ofpeople on this list (some, I didn't
even know before their kindnesses reached me!) amazed me and restored my
faith in humanity.

Thanks for sharing this. I lift up my cup of Java Kajumas Organic
Wet-Hulled - also gifted to me, by Peter Z., who is having some health
difficulties & I pray everyday that he is doing well.


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