[Homeroast] Anomalous Roast

Melcher Cedric ichacedbodric at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 31 15:36:47 CST 2012

Just this morning I roasted 300g of Ethiopia Sidama Deri Kochoha.  This was the third 300g roast from the 5 lb. bag I bought from Sweet Maria's (amazing service!) a week or so before Christmas.  It was a bright sunny morning, though a little breezy, with the temperature probably in the upper fifties (farenheit).  I stood there turning the crank on the popper on the side burner of my barbeque, as I have many times in the last five years, thinking random thoughts.  As the temperature inside the popper climbed into the range where first crack begins, I adjusted the burner to slow the rate of temperature increase.  As per usual.  After some time I noticed that first crack was not happening.  It kept not happening.  Smoke production was less than normal.  Concerned, I peeked inside.  I avoid peeking because it vents a lot of heat that takes a couple of minutes to rebuild.  The color was a nice deep dark brown, a completely acceptable shade for my uses.  I did
 not remove a bean to judge texture, which just occured to me as something I could have done.  Anyway, after a couple more minutes, it sounded as if second crack started, so I dumped the beans out and cooled them.  Coloration and chaff quantity were totally normal for my roast profile.

I wonder what happened?  The pre-heat, bean introduction, temperature drop, temperature gain, heat modulation process was all within the normal range of my roasts, though I don't keep data.  FWIW I started with 300g and ended with 256g.  All I can think is that the moisture loss that creates first crack was slow enough that I didn't hear the cracks of first.



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