[Homeroast] Brazil Fazenda do Sertao Catuai* is outstanding!

Brian Hoppler brianhoppler at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 30 05:15:15 CST 2012

.Out of lurking - I am really glad I got 20 pounds of this one*!.At Full City the aroma and flavor are top shelf..From the pages of information on ordering from Swee Marias is this:"More about 20 lb Bulk Option20 lb Bulk is      intended for our hardcore home roasters or small commercial roasters.      We do not recommend buying a 20 lb Bulk pack of a coffee you      have not  tried before! We send four 5 pound bags and a cotton bag that will hold all of it for better long term storage. Remember,      we cannot accept any returns on green coffee. 10 lb bags are packed in      a ziplock bag.".With a 2 pound a week household, I neither buy less, nor have I ever had a bad bagfull, maybe 10 or less beans per bag..Brian.  		 	   		  

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