[Homeroast] Roasting Ramps for Idiots Request

Robert Yoder robotyonder at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 23 22:26:19 CST 2012

Greetings, most-excellent coffee counselors, I remember (and that's a plus, already) many discussions of Roasting Ramp Recommendations (our 3Rs) here, and, if I recall correctly, they were always in wonderful detail.  Unfortunately, the details were lost on those of us who roast with cruder gear. Can someone translate these ideal ramps into language I can use?  What I mean is, for example, "highest possible heat in the beginning, up to, say, 300 degrees Bean Mass Temperature, slow down after that, and race to end"? Some other combinations?.  Or any variations of high, medium or low heat in first third of roast, high, medium or low heat in second third, high, medium or low heat in third third, high medium or low heat in fourth third, etc. In the spirit of Crispness, Happy Holidays, and, Happy Roasting, robert yoder  		 	   		  

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