[Homeroast] Kopi rears its ugly head yet again

Zara Haimo zara at haimo.net
Tue Dec 11 12:24:46 CST 2012

Just got an offer for an 8 cup package of already roasted Kopi for $64 plus tax and shipping.  How could I resist?!  Wonder how long those beans have been sitting on the shelf not to mention whether they ever saw the inside of the cat's gut.  The marketing hype reads:

Since Kopi Luwak first passed Jack Nicholson's lips in The Bucket List, we've been gunning to get our hands on a pack. The world's most expensive, most rare, and most intriguing coffee has an unbelievable story: It's grown on the islands of Java and Sumatra, where Asian Palm Civets (aka "luwak") feed on ripe coffee cherries and then excrete them, whole. The beans are fermented within the cat's stomach and take on an unmatched flavor and richness. Continuously converting skeptics into fans,Kopi Luwak is one of the wonders of the food world. Talk about your diamond in the rough! 

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