[Homeroast] Zass grinder (resending yet again)

Dennis True dennist3 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 13:11:09 CST 2012

ok all I've been hesitant to tell you all this but I want thoughts on
what I do (now that I have about 5 years of use invested)
I have an old school Zass box grinder looks like this one

I picked it up when I was in Lisbon Portugal in 2007 back when they
were unavailable in the states.  This is my primary grinder for daily
use form AP/FP/Vac my common brewing methods...  but I have used it
from espresso and Ibriks as well.

Ok back ground done now for how I use it.........
I put a 1/2 inch socket on my cordless drill and pop it on the nut on
the top of the zass handle and boom I have ground coffee with out all
the turn turn turn.... (keep it on the lower speed) takes about 15
seconds to grind enough beans for my vac pot.. thougths? did I give
you any ideas?


On another sad not one of out fellow roasters Burney Mack was hit by a
truck this morning while doing PT on base and is in surgery and could
use our thoughts and prayers...

Lurkmode engaged...

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