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I know nothing about the Freshroast SR500, but if it were me, I would do a web search to find out how others might have addressed a similar problem. Then I would take the thing apart and look for something that is obviously amiss -- loose connection, scorch marks, dead animals, etc. Then I scratch my head a few times and put it back together. Surprisingly,  that sometimes works.If you are handy with a multimeter, you can test switches, connections, contacts, etc., and maybe discover a part that needs replacement. Good luck.

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After a couple of years of faultless service,  my Freshroast SR 500
gave up the ghost today in the middle of a roast -- simply went dark
and silent.  Is there a likely cure -- a new switch, a new fuse, even
a new heating element.  In the olden days small appliances were
reparable.  Must I invest in a completely new device?

This disaster follows the loss of my new Handy Brew dripper, which
fell off the mug into which it was drainng and broke the handle and a
foot.  Can this admirable if flimsy device be expected to appear
shortly in a sturdier version, as the Clever Coffee Dripper did?

Oh for the days when devices such as my stove-top roaster with the
stirring device on top, bought in a Roman dime store (MAS) lasted
forty years !

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