[Homeroast] No Respect - Hasta la bye bye baby

j3r j at j3r.org
Wed Aug 29 08:20:31 CDT 2012

On 12-08-27 09:32 PM, miKe mcKoffee wrote:
> Don't why it's bugging me so much yet it is. I've been a List member longer
> than anyone except Tom & Maria have been with Sweet Maria's. Yet this is how
> any and all messages I send are treated delaying them for days - sometimes
> forever:
> Spam detection software,
> 	running on the system "host.sweetmarias.com", has
> 	identified this incoming email as possible spam. The original
> message
> 	has been attached to this so you can view it (if it isn't spam) or
> 	label similar future email.  If you have any questions, see
> 	the administrator of that system for details.
> Of course this message too will be detected as spam just like the one I sent
> a five and half hours ago that has yet to be "approved"...
> Too bad, I've loved the List for a long time but not being able to have
> timely interacation makes it now a waste of my time.
Mike is not getting flagged as spam.

X-Spam-Status: No, score=-0.2

It is another problem.


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